We, Yokohama. Kendama. Spikers, is a Kendama group based in Yokohama, Japan.


 If you don't do it, you may have the impression of traditional, plain play. However, since the middle of the 2010s, Kendama has spread widely not only in Japan but also overseas, and it is enjoyed as "KENDAMA".


 The big trigger that Kendama has become overseas as a performance and SkillToy is due to the number of great kendama tricks shared on the net like Youtube and Instagram, and a number of overseas rare kendama videos that have been edited nicely was.


 However, there are almost no groups in Japan that are producing such things called "Kendama Edit Movie". Therefore we, YOKOKEN, was established in order to spread the fun of Kendama and its charm through the production of Kendama movie.


 And now we are engaged in a wide range of activities related to kendama, including not only video production but also performance and technical instruction through kendama classes.

What is
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Latest work

Name &

 Because we are a Kendama player based in Yokohama, we named it "Yokoken.-Yokohama. Kendama. Spikers-".

  The logo was drawn by the organizer @ Keitandama.

  The colors are based on the sea and sky of Yokohama and light blue, which is the theme color of Yokohama City.


 Currently, YOKOKEN mainly works in three areas.

1: Kendama movie production

 Because it is the opportunity of Yokoken establishment and it is also the main activity, we are continuously making videos.

2: Kendama classroom

 We hold Kendama classroom "SpikCul-Spikers.Club.of.YOKOKEN-" of Yokohama. We belong to the Japan Kendama Association, and we hold Kendama classes about twice a month to disseminate certain Kendama techniques.

3: Performance, lecture, media etc

 On request, YOKOKEN gives lectures on kendama, shows kendama performances, and appears in the media.


 Please feel free to contact us from the e-mail address (yokohama.kendama.spikers@gmail.com) when requesting YOKOKEN.

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YOKOKEN on Japanerse TV